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Campbell Keenan
Founder of GridSense Inc., based in Sydney and California, and

Founder of GridSense Inc., based in Sydney and California, and this blog


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Obesity is a disease of affluence and most people afflicted by it, are obsessed about the difficulty of losing weight, whereas I believe the solution is quite obvious.

Today, in the 1st World, the majority of adults are overweight, many grossly and hideously obese. The answer to obesity is a back to basics, common sense approach. Fad diets, weight loss pills, stomach stapling, etc. rarely work, are not necessary, create their own problems and are often unsafe. They are certainly unnatural.

However it seems many humans are incapable of disciplining themselves to limit their intake, but there are steps that can be taken to help overcome this compulsion.

  • Limit what you put on your plate, because most people, including me, can’t resist what is put in front of them. When at home, ensure you serve yourself modest helpings, such that you feel you could eat a little more when finished. If someone has served you too much, ask them for a side plate and place the excess on it. Ensure it is placed out of site. If eating out, ask the waiter to do this for you. If you feel embarrassed asking, then you must leave the excess uneaten, but this can be difficult! 
  • Most obese people eat the wrong type of food and I deal with this in more detail under Eat Healthy Food. Most people know what food is nutritious, but a good guide is to avoid processed food – manufacturers particularly of fast food add far too much salt, fat or sugar to get people addicted to these tastes. Once you stop eating processed food, you will eventually find those tastes repulsive. 
  • Ensure most food you eat includes a balance of protein (small amounts of meat, fish or poultry), vegetables, fruit and wholemeal bread. While vegetables may not appeal to some, adding seasoning can make them very palatable. Asian dishes, a mixture of protein and vegetables with spices, etc. are delicious. 
  • Many obese people blame everyone but themselves – they have tried everything, they say – their genes are wrong (if this is you, you are lucky, you have an efficient metabolism and don’t need much food to remain functioning and healthy – would have been great in the ‘hunter/gatherer’ days) – obese people love sweet things – fast food is so tasty (lots of salt, sugar and fat!). That is because the manufacturers of processed food have addicted them! 
  • In the blog on this site, ‘Lose Weight, I specify how to live a life that will reduce obesity – you will live longer and enjoy the years much more – however you must resolve yourself NOW – only you can do it and it is obvious. 

What I recommend requires some old fashioned self discipline, but the rewards in terms of self esteem, self confidence, pride in your appearance and health benefits are huge. If you add a regular fitness program, your sense of well being will astound you. It also helps avoid many cancers, colds, ‘flu, high blood pressure, heart disease and other common illnesses that plague the developed world. If you decide to conquer obesity, I will work with you in a support role as best I can. Start a conversation below.

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